I’ve been everywhere…

It seems that I have been on the road a lot from July until now.  Between the travels, work, and blogging between two sites, I have not had much time in the kitchen.  However, I have vowed to become better at managing time to update Charm Offensive Cooking.

First things first…where have you been?  Let’s start with a trip to Fort Worth, Texas.  I got to experience real Tex-Mex and great barbecue.  The Tex-Mex was a fresher taste than some of the restaurants in the DC area.  For starters, the closest thing to Tex-Mex here would be Tortilla Coast in DC.  As for barbecue, I would have to say Capital Q would be the closest thing in DC.

Fort Worth is a pretty awesome city.  My favorite area was The Stockyards.  The shops were unique, but the dining front offered some pretty sweet offerings.  Riscky’s Barbeque is amazing with juicy brisket, a wonderfully seasoned smoked catfish, and killer sweet tea.

Aside from the barbecue, the authentic Tex Mex won me over. When we (my boyfriend and I) arrived on Labor Day weekend, the first place we went was to Gloria’s, where I ordered fajitas. From the flour tortillas to the vegetables, everything was fresh tasting. The chicken was mildly seasoned, thus allowing the natural flavors to shine through.

We also ate at Caro’s Restaurant near Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. This restaurant is known for their Puffy Tostadas, which are a secret on their own. With perfectly seasoned chicken, fresh tomatoes and lettuce, the flavor was out of this world. The salsa was fresh and the taste was phenomenal.

In October, I had a great trip to upstate New York. I visited the Finger Lakes region, and this is another blog post in itself. You will read more about this culinary journey shortly.

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