The Best Sushi Ever…

Ordinarily, I am skeptical about sushi, as it is hit or miss at most of the Japanese restaurants.  However, my opinion has changed after eating at Pacific East Solon, a Japanese restaurant in Solon, Ohio.  My boyfriend’s mother and stepfather took us there to eat last Sunday, since we were up visiting them in Cleveland last weekend.  My boyfriend’s mother kept raving about their sushi and about how fresh tasting everything was on their menu.  I knew I had to try this.

When we arrived, the restaurant was busy.   After we were seated, I had an opportunity to look over their expansive menu, including many Japanese and Mongolian dishes.  I knew that I wanted Philadelphia and Eel rolls. I ordered a special that included Miso soup and a house salad with a Ginger dressing. Meanwhile, my boyfriend, his mother and stepfather ordered a special that included 7 pieces Nigiri sushi, Sashimi, and a tuna roll.

We received our appetizers of miso soup and house salads. The soup and salad were very good. The waitress was very attentive to our table, and she apologized for the long delay due to the assembly of the sushi specials. We received a free order of Edamame, which was very tasty. It had a salty coating, and the Edamame was steamed perfectly.

Finally, our food arrived and it looked too beautiful to eat. The presentation was exquisite, and it tasted fresh. My eel and Philadelphia roll combo tasted awesome.

The Sushi specials also arrived, and again, the presentation was even more amazing. I had one piece of Mackerel, and the taste was fresh with no additional seasonings. It was fabulous. Personally, I was more amazed by the taste of the Salmon, which had a buttery taste.

We were stuffed at the end of dinner, but my boyfriend’s mother insisted we have dessert. Now, I am not one to pass up dessert, so we decided on the Fried Banana and Red Bean Ice Cream. The presentation again did not fail to amaze, and the taste was phenomenal. The Red Bean Ice Cream offered the right amount of sweetness. The Fried Banana dish was another great dish. Granted, fried foods are not my favorite, but this dish was a game changer for me. The tempura dipped banana was good, but it could have had some more sweetness (like honey in the batter).

Overall, I look forward to going back to Pacific East Solon, the next time I go back to Cleveland for a visit. The prices were affordable for the amount of food you received, and the quality/presentation was the star of the entire visit.

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