Getting Married: Let’s Rehearse…

Here’s the first in the wedding recap series, and it feels cool reflecting on the awesome experience.  Since it was only a week ago, the wedding is still fresh in my mind.    On the Friday prior to the wedding, I was a basket case nonetheless.  I did not sleep well on Thursday night, as I was preoccupied with the stress of the small details.  I knew I needed to get the programs printed, finish work on the favors, and last, but not least, work on setting up the guestbook and write thank you notes to my Matron of Honor, two bridesmaids, flower girl, and ring bearer.   So, Friday was the day everything just boiled over.

First, the glass for the guestbook broke in three different places.  We decided to do a guestbook where people signed the matting for a photo frame that had our engagement portrait.  When I saw the glass broken, I had a meltdown that left me sobbing, calling my Mother in a panicked state, texting my fiance (this was prior to the wedding), and finally emailing our reception site coordinator with a list of requests.  During this time frame, the Priest who was marrying us called to verify about the marriage license, which of course, drove me to tears.    It was crazy, and my Mom decided to pour me a stiff drink prior to the rehearsal.

Not a bad idea…or so I thought.  After a drink that she called Malibu’s Love Potion (it included Coca-Cola, Malibu Rum, and Whipped Cream Vodka), I was laughing and relaxing.   One of my bridesmaids came rushing over to witness the “event of the year,” and to help console my nerves.   The drink was not enough, because I proceeded to drink a Miller Lite.   The discussion soon turned into what the hangover of the year will look like.

Before I knew it, time had come for the rehearsal.  We got to the church fifteen minutes early at my father’s request.  Our Priest met up with us to discuss the final details of the mass, then it was time to practice after reassuring us that he found the marriage license (crisis averted).  The first time we practiced saying our vows…I was off on one thing and everyone started laughing, which broke the tension.  Our ring bearer also threw the temper tantrum of the decade…which further added to my frazzled nerves.

After the rehearsal, my fiance and I threw a gathering at a local pizza place in nearby Westminster, Maryland.  J&P Pizza was recommended to us by my sister, who works in walking distance to the restaurant.  It was pretty good and the banquet room area allowed for a more intimate gathering, where we could interact with those in the wedding party.  The food was great for the most part.  I had the Primavera pizza, which was good and had plenty of veggies.  For me, the star was the zucchini sticks with marinara sauce.  They were awesome with their crunchy breaded coating.

Overall, it was a great way to thank our bridal party.  Each of my bridesmaids received beautiful earrings to wear with their dresses, the flower girl received a dress for her American Girl doll, and the ring bearer received a Spider Man toy.  The best way to end such a hectic day was receiving a final hug and kiss from my fiance, along with a beautiful sapphire and diamond necklace as a gift.

The hair and dress update is next on the list …  stay tuned 🙂

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