Eating at home? Solving the Dilemma of Dinner

When we got married, I knew things were going to change for the better. One thing was the fact that we were going to be united in many of our decisions, especially since they impact our long-term goals. One thing that I wanted to change was the number of times we would either resort to a neighborhood restaurant for takeout or eating dinner out on the town. With both my husband and I working late at night, we find ourselves resorting to this method for dinner. My goal was to cut back on the eating out and start prepping meals in advance to have in the evenings. This would not only help us from the economic perspective, but it would help us from a nutritional standpoint as well.

Starting this month, I am making it a focus to find dinners that I can make in under an hour or in a slow cooker. This way, we can come home and know that dinner will be available with little to no prep time. I started to review cookbooks that have sections for slow cooking or quick cooking sections. One of my favorite cookbooks is the Betty Crocker Cookbook, as it has nutritional recipes that fit both categories. In fact, this week’s menu includes two recipes from this cookbook. We will see if these recipes will go in my cooking file for future dinner nights.

Outside of cookbooks, I have begun devising weekly menus that can change depending on our schedule or what we have on hand. The key is to remain flexible. For example, I made a huge batch of chili in the slow cooker for tonight’s dinner. I know that this chili can be utilized for lunch and dinner, so it will be dinner tomorrow night as well. The weekly menus have also proven beneficial for grocery shopping as well. On Friday night or Saturday morning, I take inventory in the following areas: Produce, Dairy, Freezer, Shelf Goods, Miscellaneous to determine what is needed for the week. When we go to the store, we know what we have to adhere to, so it cuts down on unnecessary expenses.

So, I’ll keep you posted on how eating at home works for us during the month of January, and hopefully, it will yield in many tasty recipes as well.

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