Grocery Budgeting Grade Cards

Well, I told you I would update on how our grocery budgeting has been going over the course of January.  Did we save money or was it splurge central?  Here’s the rundown:

First, I have a bad and somewhat dangerous habit of straying from the grocery list.  When it comes to shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, I find myself doing this.  So, I need to be more disciplined.  Overall, I only deviated from the list five times for high quality Callebaut Chocolate, snack foods, and beer. 

The other thing I have noticed that we do convenience shopping.  With Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s right near our apartment, I find myself making frequent visits for ingredients that I forgot to pick up during the major trip.  These little trips add up quick.  However, things have improved, and these trips have dwindled over the course of January/February.  

Lastly, the coupon clipping has improved.  We have saved more this month, than in previous months.  We have also joined Costco, which has helped us save in terms of pantry goods and meats.

Overall, the grade is a C.  We still have room for improvement, especially in terms of the number of nights we feel lazy and decide to go out to a restaurant.

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