Easy, Breezy Chicken Pot Pie

Over the weekend, I did not have much time to spend in the kitchen as planned.  One of the things I do every Sunday is cook meals for the week, so I have lunch and dinner every night.   However, since the weather was so beautiful, I focused on utilizing chicken as the key ingredient.  The first dish I made was a Mango Chutney-Greek Yogurt Marinated Chicken paired with Vegetable Medley rice.  I love mango chutney, and greek yogurt is becoming a staple in my kitchen, as it is healthier than sour cream.

Are you Mango for the Chicken?

1 package boneless chicken tenderloins (4 tenderloins)

2 tbsp. Cumin

4 tbsp. Mango Chutney

1 container (8 oz.) Stonyfield Farms Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt

In a small bowl, combine all four ingredients.  Add salt to taste.  Then in a glass casserole dish, spoon marinade over chicken.  Refrigerate for one hour, then grill.

Next dish I made was a scrumptious chicken pot pie.  You would have thought I spent all day in the kitchen slaving over this dish. In all honesty, I spent 5 minutes assembling this dish. The total cook time was 40 minutes.

Easy, Breezy Chicken Pot Pie

1 can of Crescent Rolls
2 tbsp. Cumin
1 can of Cream of Potato Soup
1 pkg of Frozen Mixed Vegetables
1 pkg of chicken tenderloins (cooked…I grilled mine without the marinade)

In a medium bowl, combine cream of potato soup, cooked chicken, frozen vegetables, and cumin. Then pour in a greased casserole dish, and then place crescent roll dough on top (do not separate into triangles). Bake in a 375 degree oven for 40 minutes. Remove from oven, cool slightly, then serve.