Restaurant Review: The Burger Joint

The Burger Joint in Arlington might strike some as the usual hamburger establishment. After one of their burgers, your opinion will soon change. Using quality ingredients, The Burger Joint offers a wide variety of hamburgers and other sandwiches, in addition to homemade milkshakes and fries.

The Burger and The Greek Burger

“The Burger” might be an original hamburger. However, The Burger Joint allows the natural flavors of the meat to stand out. Using all-natural grain fed beef, “The Burger” can be supplemented with their famous Mojo Sauce, in addition to cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and your typical thoroughfare condiments. My boyfriend had this burger, and he remarked at how fresh everything tasted.

Their turkey burger was one of the best burgers I have had in a long time. I do not each a lot of red meat, but this burger did not disappoint. Using ground turkey, The Burger Joint also added in gorgonzola cheese and portobella mushrooms into the mix to create a juicy sandwich. Just like “The Burger,” you have the same choice of condiments and extras. I chose to have mine with the mojo sauce, lettuce and tomato. The Greek Burger is also good, as the meat mixture had lamb along with the ground beef. Additionally, this burger was loaded with feta cheese, tomatoes, and a tzatziki sauce. Another delicious choice that can be cooked to your specifications.

Their fries are also fresh, and just like other burger establishments in the area, they offered seasonings of rosemary, sea salt, garlic, and parmesan. The Gold Standard are the fries that I ordered. However, they offer Sweet Potato fries (The Orange Standard) and Asparagus Fries (The Green Standard).

If you are a milkshake aficionado like I am, then you will love The Burger Joint’s milkshakes.  Thick and creamy, they come in a variety of traditional flavors, including double chocolate, vanilla bean, strawberry, and a flavor of the month.  For the month of June, the flavor was Key Lime Pie.  Key Lime Pie had the graham cracker crust bits with a lime garnish.  This shake actually tasted like a slice of the namesake dessert.  The month of July pays homage to Peach.  Another delicious shake made with peach ice cream, fresh peach bits, and graham cracker crumbs.

All together, this is one of the best burger joints that I have visited. If you are in Arlington (they also have locations in Alexandria and Bethesda, Md.), it is well worth the visit.